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You literally wrote the book on success.

You built your business. You lived your life. You learned your lessons. It’s time to teach the world. Now... where the hell do you start?

The book is only the beginning.

Coaching, writing, speaking, and releasing a course (or three) are all on your plate. That’s four roles to master and you only have limited time in your day to do it.

Join over 300 authors who have benefitted from a good talk with the Bookery.

Ready to start? Submit a request, and we'll set up a 15-minute Zoom chat to discuss your project. We can't wait to hear from you!

Bookery gives personal brands the plan to launch their business in the big way they need. 

Brand new author? Been doing this for a few months (or even years)? No problem. We run a brand audit to see where you’ve been and where you need to go.

study & analyze

Authors are already doing what you want to do. The mystery to solve is understanding how they do it. Bookery does the research for and with you, pulling from real-world examples and our own insights after over a decade in the industry.

research & discover

Bookery organizes, categorizes, and makes sense of everything we’ve learned about you, your competitors, and your position in the market. We collaborate with you to create your bespoke strategy, brand, and book design to start your new career strong.

strategize & design

The launch is just the beginning. With everything in place, your new job will be following the strategy we built together. We’re not going anywhere! Bookery will still be here to provide coaching and insight every two to four weeks.

launch & support

From branding design - they got me first time round, no corrections needed; to website wire frame and clear brand guidelines, to an explosion of colour in the cover and gentle softness of the interior they displayed a saint-like patience to my need for pass after pass. 

Gerry Pyves

Touching Trauma, Building Resilience

Caerus is not only an incredibly talented book designer, but also quick, professional, and detail-oriented. they really listen to authors and strive to bring their visions to life. I’ve worked with Caerus on at least a dozen projects, and every author has been happy with the results they delivered.

Beth Jusino

Publishing Consultant

I'm a new soon-to-be-author, and Caerus gave me really great guidance on what I should be thinking about now so that I'll be ready to market my book when it comes out later this year. They stepped me through a number of exercises that really helped me clarify my audience and how to reach them. They are an amazing blend of being very knowledgeable about marketing and being very knowledgeable about the book world. If you're looking for help marketing your book, I'd highly recommend them!

Rick Joi

CEO, The Workiversary Group

It’s a big deal. And you have big plans to make this big world a better place.

Big doesn’t worry you. You’re not scared of big. You need a system to transform the 5 million ideas in your head into a career so dialed in that you know where you’re going and how you’ll get there.

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